Hi-Tide Boat Lifts

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts of the Northeast is the exclusive distributor in the New York area, North New Jersey and surrounding regions for Hi-Tide’s engineered and time tested Boat Lifts. Hi-Tide, inventor of the first all-aluminum boat lift was founded in 1979. Hi-Tide is the industry leader and innovator producing lifts from 650 to 180,000 pounds. The lift and accessory line is the most extensive and available in the industry today!


But first!



The most important part of a boat lift is the winch system and it should be a  or at least, gear driven. The winch system is the electromechanical device that powers and winds the stainless steel cables around the shafts that lift your vessel.

The  GEAR DRIVE® winch system pictured above has no belts, chains, pulleys or sprockets. It is totally maintenance free. Both the aluminum gearbox (bathed in oil) and the electric drive motors are sealed from the environment and elements. There are absolutely no exposed mechanical parts at the drive. The gearbox housing is a one-piece aluminum part made specifically for corrosion resistance. This winch system can lift capacities up to 180,000 pounds.


Another happy boat lift customer! We are looking at a custom 24,000 lb. GEAR DRIVE® Hi-Tide lift on the right with 20 ft. of lift travel installed on 45 ft. long piles. This waterway, near the inlet to the ocean, has a 9 ft. tidal rise and fall. The lift also allows for “stern-in” storage. The lift on the left is a 16,000 lb. custom  GEAR DRIVE®. Both lifts are remotely controlled with limit switches to control the travel up and down.

Above is the 30,000 Lb.  GEAR DRIVE® (8) Pile Lift System operating on a rough and open bay.

These lifts have options that make them, as quoted by Hi-Tide, “the fastest boat lifts in the world”.

Custom Hi-Tide all aluminum  GEAR DRIVE® 16,000 lb. lift for a 42 ft. long go-fast vessel that has catwalks, special internal bunking so the wing becomes the primary lifting and support surface, stern walk to service outdrives, aluminum boarding steps (far side). Lift is remotely controlled with limit switches to control the travel up and down.

All aluminum, Hi-Tide  GEAR DRIVE® 60,000 lb. yacht lift on the open bay where the wave action is strong and high. The Hi-Tide yacht lifts are available to lift up the 180,000 lbs.

All aluminum, Hi-Tide  GEAR DRIVE® 24,000 lb. lift on the open bay. This lift has catwalks for cleaning and servicing the topsides, a boarding platform and slide model floating dock ladder for safety. Lift is remotely controlled with limit switches to control the travel up and down.

The owner stores the boat on the lift for the winter after winterizing and shrink- wrapping the boat in-place on the lift.


All Aluminum Personal Watercraft Lifts

Lift in the foreground is a custom Hi-Tide Personal Watercraft Lift (PWL) with accommodations to lift two wave runners. The lift on the far side of the dock is an all aluminum Hi-Tide PWL installed to lift a hi-speed jet boat.

This all marine grade aluminum SPINNER PWL can travel 7′.5″ and swing 180 degrees over dock for storage. The Spinner PWL has NO exposed cables or rollers. The Spinner PWL is the most aesthetic on the market and has the winch positioned behind the mast away from the craft. The Spinner also comes with a standard grab rail and an optional remote control.

Galvanized Steel Personal Watercraft Lifts

The two personal Watercraft Lifts (PWL’S) pictured here show that a boat up to 5,000 lbs. (on one pile) or one up to 10,000 lbs. (on two piles) can be lifted vertically using  GEAR DRIVE® winch systems.

Here is another (2) pile 10,000 Lb. PWL Lift System

Marine Construction Services

Dredging, crane, backhoe, excavation, pile driving and other marine construction services are provided both on land and in the water using tug boats, barges and other support equipment. The heavy equipment is transported to the work sites by land and barge resulting in convenient access to the location. Large and small crane barges are available.

Elevator Lifts

An all aluminum Hi-Tide elevator lift being installed. These lifts have lifting capacities up the 20,000 lbs. They are also available with  GEAR DRIVE® winch options.

All aluminum Hi-Tide, custom Low Profile  GEAR DRIVE® elevator lift with special bunking to lift a trawler type keel hull.

All aluminum Hi-Tide, Low Profile  GEAR DRIVE® elevator lifts. Both lifts are remotely controlled with limit switches to control the travel up and down.

Above is a 20,000 Lb. capacity all-aluminum Elevator lift.

Topless Boatlifts

All aluminum, Hi-Tide Topless® boat lifts ARE PATENTED. The Topless® lift does not have a top rail or upper beam. Besides the pleasing aesthetics the lift allows for boarding the vessel any place along the length of the hull. Lift is remotely controlled with limit switches to control the travel up and down.