Winter storms, nor’easters, hurricanes and other unusual weather patterns have contributed to excessive damage not only to moored and docked boats and yachts but also the marine structures they are secured to. Conventional docking of watercraft and vessels from 600 to 180,000 pounds can be avoided by having a watercraft, boat or yacht lift. Federal, state and local agencies and authorities in some locations actually mandate their use. Why…..because the WATER HAS PROBLEMS! Big problems! Non-polluting docking and storage lift systems are now the accepted state of the art.

Boaters should have……what is right for the environment. Especially in new marina facilities where in some cases the law is, upon approval of permits, you must install personal watercraft, boat and yacht lifts to mitigate pollution. The more boats floating in the water, then the more bottom paint in contact with and leaching into the water, the more boats the increase of shading of the water bottom. The more boats the increase of liability resulting from dangerous or inclement weather causing unnecessary damage to the environment and property.

Boaters should have……Security! When your 20, 40, 60 or 150 foot long conventional, go-fast boat or yacht must be secure, “LIFT IT”!

Boaters must have……faster, less expensive, more convenient, year round, non-polluting docking, storage and lifting systems.

Boaters must have……increased life of their fiber reinforced polymer laminate or metal hull. This is a must for laminate hull owners. For more than 35 years “osmotic blisters” have been a common cause of hull failure in composite fiber reinforced laminate hulls. Every laminate vessel, no matter what size or age, has the potential for developing this laminate hull disease. Osmosis and permeation of seawater through the laminate surface coat and outer reinforcement layers, traps water behind the surface, causes a chemical reaction and then the evolution of gas blowing blisters into or out of the hull surface. Hopefully out of the hull surface, as inward could cause catastrophic hull failure.

Boaters want……safer, extended storage options to reduce the risk of damage from winter ice, heavy rains, high winds, and other weather related causes.


A boat lift provides the owner with the convenience of storing their vessel adjacent to any seawall, bulkhead, dock or slip year round. Annual maintenance and storage costs are reduced, the need for trailer ownership and operation costs are eliminated including the risk and liability that goes along with it.

Go-Fast boaters want……a way for performance boat owners to store their boats without having to paint the bottom but yet be able to put their boat in the water “on-demand”. Clean, slick bottoms not only increase speed but also preserve the value of the boat at resale time.

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